Community! Community! Community!

I’m a little overwhelmed getting started so I thought a series on a few of my favorite things (cue Sound of Music soundtrack) would be a good start. Over the next 5 weeks I’ll dig into my favorite Salesforce things!  It was hard to keep this list to 5 but I can’t go breaking my own rules on my first blog posts.  Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Community! Community! Community!
  2. We can do so much WITHOUT code.
  3. Blazing trails and learning for fun.
  4. Dreamforce, my favorite week of the year.
  5. Helping customers succeed!

So, let’s get down to it.  Community!  What is this magical thing and how can you be part of it?  Good news, it’s easy!  Get involved in a way that interests you, don’t worry I’ll walk though a few ways to get started.  The Salesforce Community has been vital to my Salesforce journey and is part of my daily life now.  It’s exactly what a community should be yet nothing like anything I’ve been part of before.  

#1 Success and Developer Communities

The Success Community recently reached 2 million members!  This means there are 2 million people connecting, sharing and helping each other just because they love Salesforce. I absolutely love the Success Community Groups, there are groups based on common geography, skills, industry, goals, interests, causes….the list goes on.

Salesforce Success

The Developer Community is very similar but focused on the development side of Salesforce.  This community has resources, training, and forums too!  In 2 weeks I’ll be posting an entire blog on Trailhead, a free learning resource from Salesforce and one of my favorite things!

Developer Community

To get connected I recommend setting up a developer org on your own, not through your employer.  This will allow you to keep your community history and connections if anything ever changes with your employer. (It’s a huge pain to start over when you change positions, I’ve done it!)  Using that org, start checking out forums, blogs and collaboration groups that interest you.   Then start following your favorite contributors and join conversations.  It’s that easy!

#2  MVPs – Our Knights in Shining Armor

knight-in-shining-armorA Salesforce MVP is someone who is recognized for contributing to the community in an impactful way.  They are awarded MVP through a nomination process that starts with US.  That’s right!  MVPs are not appointed by Salesforce executives with a sword across their shoulders in Marc Benioff’s office like a knight in shining armor.  WE get to nominate them for their outstanding contributions!  The amazing thing about MVPs is their willingness to constantly help the community.  

#3 Idea Exchange

Idea ExchangeThink you can help Salesforce product teams build a better product?  That’s what the Idea Exchange is for.   We get to share Ideas with Salesforce and the community to make the platform better.  The community votes and Salesforce product teams review and implement our Ideas.  This is a real thing! Ideas I’ve voted for have been implemented.  How cool is that!? (There’s a little more to it but those are the basics).

#4 Local User Groups

So all the virtual connections are great but maybe you still believe in the value of face-to-face interactions.  Join a local User Group, Women in Tech, or Developer Group.  To start finding these groups go to Featured Group tab in the Success Community or the Developers Meetups.  They meet to enjoy eachother’s company and learn about Salesforce.  So perfect, so simple, so fun.  

#5 Twitter

Twitter_logo_blueI got a Twitter account a few years back because a colleague said she uses Twitter to stay in the loop with Salesforce blogs and announcements.  So I joined the Twitter world and started following some of my community favorites, now my Twitter feed is basically all Salesforce!  I love it!

Don’t spend too much time worrying about the details, just get involved in ways that interest you and the connections, followers, retweets and good friends will come!  

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