I’ve lived in the Houston area for nearly 5 years, I’ve been here through a few floods but nothing like this. Nothing like Harvey. Nothing to this magnitude. Not only is Harvey a more significant storm than any other storm but my perspective has changed. I live here, I have a home here, and I am growing a baby through this storm.

During the storm I was in Austin and my husband was stuck in our home in Houston. He is safe, our home sustained minimal damage from a roof leak, and I didn’t have to witness any of it.

But here are the things I am feeling….


  • For not being here and for still feeling impacted
  • For not helping the people in our community more because I’m protecting my body and our baby
  • For telling people we have a damaged home but we can still live in it safely
  • For wanting my husband to be at home with me when he’s out helping our friends demolish their homes that have been destroyed


  • Of rain and full creeks
  • Of natural disasters
  • Of bringing our baby girl home to a place that might not be perfect when she gets here


  • We have insurance
  • We are safe and healthy
  • We have a full pantry
  • I didn’t have to witness any of this first hand
  • My husband was here to prevent further damage
  • He is the type of man who is giving his time and energy to those in need when he could easily be sitting on the couch with me


  • Because the rain is over and most of the gulf coast can start to rebuild
  • To be home and sleeping in my own bed
  • There is sunshine

Once the roads cleared and I was able to drive back to Houston, I loaded up the car and came home.  I didn’t realize that this drive would be the most emotional drive from Austin to Houston yet. I cried, I prayed, and I listened to dance music so I could feel our baby girl move. On my drive home I saw convoys of HEB trucks, military vehicles, and ranchers with empty livestock trailers all driving to Houston to help us put this city back together.

Seeing all of these people driving into the disaster, it hit me that this is our little girl’s first tragedy. She will experience more when she’s here in the world; things like terror attacks, natural disasters, the death of loved ones, and breakups that hurt so bad they feel like a tragedy and there is nothing I can do to stop all of that from happening in her life.  Sure, I can minimize her exposure to what is happening in the world around her but I can’t completely stop her from having these experiences. This time she was in my belly and I could protect her from what was happening but next time she’ll be here and all I can do is hold her when she cries and teach her how the family she comes from handles tragedy.

Our family cries and prays but then we pull up our boots and get to work. We get to work loving on the people around us. Our family moves forward rebuilding our lives and the lives of others. Somewhere through all of the tears, bowed heads, love and sweat we begin to heal from the tragedy. And that’s how our family regains our strength. My whole family is strong for different reasons but the line of women I come from is particularly strong and I expect that at this point it’s basically a genetic trait. I can only assume that our little nugget will be fiercely strong and it’s up to her dad and me to teach her the right way to harness that strength and power for good, especially in times of tragedy.

Big Changes & Bigger Questions

IMG_20170810_083004I haven’t written a blog in a long time, partially because I got busier than I could ever imagine planning Texas Dreamin’ 2017 and partially because I felt uninspired. It began to feel like a chore to find exactly 5 things about Salesforce. Anyway, the blog started falling lower and lower on my weekly to-do list until it fell off the list completely. And here we are almost a year since my last post.

But recently I’ve felt inspired to write again but nothing fits the initial “Saasy 5” model of 5 things about Salesforce so I’ve used that as a reason to avoid writing. But maybe that doesn’t really matter, I’ve been inspired to write about this massive change I’m going through in my personal life.

That being said, let me catch you up on some things. I’m pregnant with a little girl! She’s due December 21st and is already rocking our world! My husband and I are blessed beyond measure that the pregnancy has been nothing but healthy and smooth thus far. Our little girl is beautiful, loves to move in my prenatal yoga classes, and is already showing her spunk in ultrasounds.

Side Note:  When we found out we were having a girl one of the first things my husband said was, “We are NOT raising a girl that claims she can’t do math!”

Anyway, this change has brought up all sorts of questions; some of them are new to me and others I’ve considered before, but now they carry weight…

  • What IS a good mother?
  • How will I have time to give myself to her, my husband, my faith, my health, my career, this #Ohana?  List goes on.
  • What does it look like to have career goals now?  Not that becoming a mom prevents me from having goals but my gut tells me its going to look different now.
  • How do other people do it? I’m not like others, but maybe someone has the secret sauce.

All these questions swirling in my head have left me to think that I can’t be the only woman with these thoughts and questions. I began to think about how I approach the unknown in other areas of my life. What do I do when I don’t know the answer to a question about a project or Salesforce? I research, I google, I ask experts. And what do I do when I’m trying to learn a new skill? I practice. I try the techniques I’ve learned about through my research, I ask experts to review my work, and I iterate that until I get it right. So why can’t some of these methods work in this scenario?

I think they can.

So, I’ll be spending some time with mothers. Mothers I respect for different reasons, from different walks of life. I’ll read books and blogs. I’ll share what I learn and once she’s here I’ll practice it.  

And maybe the communities in my life that helped me get here today can help me find my way in this new phase.

My 5

Saasy5 is a blog of all things Salesforce, only I’m doing it by 5s. Each post will feature 5 things about a specific Salesforce topic and overtime I’d like to get you involved.  Along with the posts, links to Saasy5 Pinterest boards will be included with information that was useful while researching for the blog post.  My hope is that this space is beneficial to the community so your feedback is important to me.

Anyway, I figure it’s only appropriate to start with 5 things about yours truly (in no particular order)….

#1 I am a self taught Salesforce Developer. 

I learned Salesforce through the blogs and help articles on the internet.  Without the help of the community and few pushes along the way I would not know what I know today.  I’ve been in the Salesforce space since 2010; I started out implementing Salesforce for a small startup and grew into a system admin and now a developer for a consulting firm.  I love to learn so I’m always looking for the next thing to tackle.  If you want to know more about my Salesforce journey, check out Lauren Jordan‘s Girly Geek of the Week post.

#2 I am a co-chair of the Houston WIT User Group

As one of the leaders of the Houston Women in Technology group I’ve  become so much closer to the Salesforce community.  This group of people is so special to me, not only do they support and help me on my career journey but they have become true friends.  My recommendation, get involved in the community; you’ll expedite your learning, make new friends, and grow your network (all good things).

#3 I dream big.  Really big.

I want make a difference in any community I’m part of.  I want the way that I spend my time to drastically affect those around me in a positive way.  I’m not trying say that I think this little blog will change the world, what I really mean is that, for me, it’s more the hope that doing good for a few people each day (in my work, at home, at the store, in my church) will generate change that trickles way beyond me.

#4 I am working to get back in shape

Ok, so maybe this is a little personal, but I think it might also keep me accountable…  Over the last few years I’ve spent far too much time behind a screen and at Salesforce and/or company related happy hours (imagine that).  So, I’m spending more time moving and less time behind a screen.  I’m planning healthy meals so that I can enjoy those happy hours without guilt!  It’s interesting because I’m finding with just 30 minutes of motion a day I’m getting more work done in less time.  I’m also finding that I’m more creative and most of my best ideas come when I’m working out.  (The picture on the right is the trail that I run/walk!  Who wouldn’t want to spend a few minutes a day there?!)

#5 I love my family

I live with my husband and our two crazy cats in Houston.  We live across from a park and love spending time walking the park trail or seeing shows at the outdoor theater.  We also enjoy traveling to new places; near and far!

I hope you enjoy my blog!!!  Your feedback really is important to me, please please please let me know what I can do better or if there are topics you want to share your 5 about.