Turning Off

When was the last time you sat down with no technology in front of you?  It’s hard I know, especially given the field we’re all in.  My husband and I noticed that we rarely had an evening without some form of technology in front of us.  So, we’re changing that.  We’re starting by spending one night a week together with no TV, computers or cell phones.  So what are we doing instead….


  • Go for walks – I don’t know, because it’s nice to get fresh air and move.
  • Play Battleship – Why Battleship?  It’s a two player game and it was on sale the day we decided to start our no technology nights.  For the record, I win more often than him!  The point is there are fun things to do that are completely technology free.
  • Talk to each other – It’s a novel idea, I know.  Actually talking to your spouse or close friend without technology in front of you.  Anyway these have become some of my favorite conversations with him.  This is where I learn the real stuff, the stuff that makes our relationship great and the stuff that keeps me going when work is crazy.
  • Read Together – We rarely read the same books but we often sit on our patio with our cats and read together.
  • Enjoy the silence – Our lives are so noisy these days, even right now with no TV or music on  I can hear the sounds from the street below, voices from a few cubes down and the buzz of florescent lights.  Shutting some of that noise off to be in a quiet space is relaxing.  I find so much peace and relaxation in just reducing the amount of noise around me.

Anyway, in the past few months we’ve found the world survives without us for a few hours a week and what’s better, we survive without the world.  I debated about posting this but when I thought of the benefit I’ve felt from having a few (2-3) hours a week of controlled purposeful technology free space is huge.  I’ve felt more energized and creative when I am in front of a screen.  Just wanted to share!

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