TrailheaDX -A Review in 5

So, it has taken me way too long to finish this blog but here it is, finally.  I am so honored to have attended the first TrailheaDX event ever with RAD Women!  If you want to know more about how I was able to go check out my last blog.  It turned out to be everything I hoped and so much more.

#1 Sessions

The sessions were full of applicable content and presented by knowledgeable presenters.  Most of the sessions I attended were focused on Lightning, because it’s new and I’m trying to learn all I can about it as my customers are starting to ask me more and more questions about the “new Salesforce”.  I attended the Mastering Lightning series on Tuesday and learned so much about Lightning.  I’m so thankful they’ve posted the recordings (part 1 & part 2) because there was too much information for me to catch in one sitting.  Then on Wednesday, my favorite session was the Lightning for Admins session, where I learned about all the cool things an admin can do in Lightning without any code. There were sessions on Apex, AI, inclusion and process automation.  What I’m trying to say is the content rocked harder than Lenny Kravits.

#2 Musical Guests20160607_200856

On that note (get it?! wink!), we were surprised with a musical guest at the keynote on Tuesday, Apex and the Limits played and released a new video!  They killed it, of course.  Then Lenny Kravits performed on Tuesday night at the the Warfield.  Both performances were amazing and  I have more pictures than words!  Enjoy!

20160607_085429#3 The Community

Just like most Salesforce events, the community is what takes it all to the next level.  The community did not disappoint at TrailheaDX.  I met Adam Olshansky, Nana Greg, Adam Seligman, Mary Scotton and Abhilasha Singh, just to name a few.  My favorite part of this event was meeting new people, because the event was smaller and focused on development each interaction was more meaningful to me.  In my opinion, this was a much more personal event than Dreamforce.

#4 San Francisco in June

Okay, so I wasn’t in San Francisco for a vacation, I was there to learn as much as possible.  To soak in as much Salesforce as I could in two days.  But since I’d never been to San Francisco in the summer, I wasn’t sure what to expect weather-wise.  How lovely!  I’m wishing I’d stayed a few days extra to enjoy the city.  Next time for sure!

#5 The Vibe

This is a smaller conference than Dreamforce, there are fewer session and fewer attendees.  The content was built for a more targeted audience, developers!  The combination of these made for an enjoyable two days with beneficial content and connections.  Salesforce hit the mark with this one.

Anyway this is why you should start making plans to be there next year, especially if Dreamforce is just a little too big for you!

Check out the Saasy5 Pinterest board for more TrailheaDX information and reviews.

Visit Saasy5 on Pinterest, each blog will have a board with pins to the resources used to write the blog.  Here’s this week’s board.  Since the Salesforce world is HUGE let me know if I missed something that should have been pinned and I’d be happy to pin it.

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