Summer ’16: My Favorites

Okay, so we’ve talked about 5 of the cool Ideas that Salesforce is bringing to life this release and while those are some awesome updates I have a few more favorites!  Here are my 5 favorite updates in this release.

#1 – Opportunity and Account Teams in Lightning (Account & Opportunity Team Notes)

Reps can manage their Account and Opportunity Teams in Lightning now, one less reason to switch back and forth between Lightning and Classic.  I love that Salesforce is enhancing Lightning with each release.  Each of these enhancements makes me more  and more excited about Lightning.

#2 – User Switcher (Notes)

For those of us that work in multiple orgs this is fantastic!  This is huge for me personally; I work in client orgs, my company org and my Developer org so this will really cut down on open tabs and switching between screens.  Yay!!!

#3 – Responsive Lists in Service Console (Notes)

In the Service Console we can Enable Responsive Lists now, this means that when a user hover over the link to a record in Salesforce our users will see a preview of the record without having to open the record.  This will make our list views so much more useful and will save our users time.  Man, I really wish this had been released in time for my last Service Cloud implementation!responsive_list_hover

#4 – Share Notes with specific Users or Groups (Notes)

We can share notes with specific users or Groups now!  In the past any notes were either Public or Private but starting this summer we can share notes with an individual user or a group of users.  This will allow users to be in more control of who sees specific information about a record in the Notes object.


#5 – Picklist Administration (Notes)

There is so much awesome-ness in this section of the Release Notes!  Global picklists, tracking global picklists, restricted picklists, organizing restricted picklists, and removing old picklist values from records through setup.  Picklists are great because they give your users limited options, decrease dirty data and help with reporting but there have always been some administrative headaches with them.  

  • Updating picklist values and eliminating outdated options has always been difficult because of the limited options but now we can select a value to replace the old value with, replace the value with a blank, or keep the old value.  Because
  • We had to be careful updating or importing picklist values through the API because data outside of the picklist options could be inserted in that field by mistake or oversight, leading to dirty and inaccurate data.  With restricted picklists this is no longer an issue!

Next week we’re going to hear from some truly awesome community members about what they’re looking forward to most in the Summer ‘16 Release.  I can’t wait!  

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