Summer ’16: Your Ideas Coming True!

In the Saasy5 My Salesforce Favorites series I mentioned the Idea Exchange in my post on the Community and this is why I like it so much!  Every user can submit ideas on the Idea Exchange of features and/or updates that user would like to see Salesforce release.  Then each release Salesforce executes and makes our Salesforce dreams (I mean Ideas….no I mean dreams) come true in the You Asked For It section of the Release Notes.

202_contacts_to_multiple_accounts#1 We can associate contacts with multiple accounts! (notes)

This might not seem like a big deal but it has been in my experience, now we can associate a contact with multiple accounts.  This was sort of solved by Contact Roles but not really.  So here’s the use case,  I have a contact named John Smith who owns Company A and Company B  the two companies are completely separate businesses, now his Contact record can be associated with both!

#2 Mobile updates! (change owner and update account teams)

We can now change Record Owners and maintain Account Teams on our mobile devices!  In an increasingly mobile world, this is just one more way Salesforce is working to make sure that their users can be as productive on their mobile devices as they are on a computer.

continue_criteria#3 Process Builder can perform multiple actions! (notes)

This one is cool!  Right now the Process Builder only allows us to execute each action based on the criteria for that action.  Basically we could only evaluate if the record met X criteria then the associated action(s) would be completed.  The record would not be evaluated against the next set of criteria.  Now we can say if the record meets X criteria complete the action(s) and then evaluate the same record against the next criteria.  This is so powerful!!

Here’s a whole blog about how powerful this new feature is by David Litton!

#4 Lightning Homepage based on User Profile (notes)

By allowing us to set up Lightning Homepages based on a User’s Profile we can make sure that our Users are seeing the data and layout that we want them to land on when they first login.  This will help Lightning adoption tremendously!!

#5 Export reports and files from Lightning (notes)

This doesn’t seem like a huge thing but to a User who is used to exporting their reports in Classic this was a huge deterrent from completely adopting Lightning.  From a change management perspective, an Administrator or consultant will want to make sure that their super users aren’t moving back and forth between Lightning and Classic.  Every time a user goes back to what is comfortable because the new feature doesn’t offer a specific capability it detracts from a successful change.  This is just one more way Salesforce is working to make sure their users have a full Lightning Experience and don’t look back to Classic.

Happy Summer ‘16 Release!  Next week we’ll look at Saasy5’s favorite release updates and features!  Check out the Saasy5 Pinterest board for more Summer ’16 Release information.

Visit Saasy5 on Pinterest, each blog will have a board with pins to the resources used to write the blog.  Here’s this week’s board.  Since the Salesforce world is HUGE let me know if I missed something that should have been pinned and I’d be happy to pin it.

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