Release Readiness Resources

Three times a year Salesforce releases new features and updates so it’s important to keep up.  Every release I find myself overwhelmed by the quantity of resources from Salesforce and the community about the upcoming release.  Frankly, it’s too much information to handle and process.  These are a few of the resources I’m focusing on this release.

#1 Readiness Webinars

There are several webinars hosted by Salesforce to help prepare users, admins, and developers for the awesomeness they are about to release.  These webinars are worth the time to attend.

#2 Release Notes

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a huge fan of reading hundreds of pages of material but the Summer ‘16 Release Notes are really the best place to get all the release information in a complete and accurate form.  Downside is it’s a lot to get through, especially if there are parts of Salesforce that your instance doesn’t currently use.

#3 Blog

In case you haven’t found the time to read all of the release notes, or maybe you want a quick overview before reading through the notes.  Jennifer Lee has an amazing blog that walks through some key highlights of the release.   I love it!  Thank you Jennifer for the time and effort you’ve invested in this blog series.

#4 Release Readiness Success Community

Umm….only the best place to keep up with the release conversation.   In the Release Readiness Success Community you’ll find information on key dates, documentation, and posts from people like you!

#5 Trailhead

So there’s not a Trailhead module for Summer ‘16 yet but I’m hoping the amazing team over there will keep the tradition alive since the Spring ‘16 Module was so amazing.  Until it’s published, I’ll be here, holding my breath.

Happy reading and studying up on Summer ‘16, Salesforce has some exciting things coming for us.  Next week I’ll touch on just a few of the Ideas that are part of the Summer ‘16 release AKA our dreams coming true in the form of Salesforce features and updates.

Stay tuned for the Summer ‘16 release pinterest board on the Saasy5 Pinterest page.

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