Summer ’16: According to the Experts

The Summer ‘16 release has so many amazing new features and enhancements, so Saasy5 decided to ask some Salesforce Community rockstars for their favorite part of the release and the resources they’re using to prepare for Summer ’16.  And here’s what they said…

ericEric Dreshfield

So what excites me most from the Summer ’16 release? The ability to export reports from Lightning Experience. Yes, I know, that’s really rather dull compared to so many of the other new features, but as a data geek, any day I can export a report is a good day. Of course, it would be a great day if I didn’t need to export at all, and just used X-Author for Excel from Apttus instead! (Shameless plug…I work for Apttus.)

The other thing that really thrills me about this release is the ability to clone sandboxes, and the fact that Professional Edition users now have access to sandboxes.

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Success Community:

Lauren JordanLauren

I am super excited about the Summer ’16 Release!  There are so many awesome new features that those of us who are not on Lightning can implement and use right away! 

  1. The ability to associate a Contact with multiple Accounts – Yesssss!  I have been waiting for this one for a LONG time!
  2. The ability to mute a feed item from the detail view in Chatter – Thank goodness!!
  3. This almost brought a tear to my eye! The ability to ‘Evaluate The Next Criteria’ or just ‘Stop’ within Process Builder – This is a beautiful thing!!

I love referring to Rakesh Gupta’s Blog (Automation Champion) for release notes.  He does a fantastic job consolidating the notes into an easy to read post!

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MeighanMeighan Brodkey

I have to say, picking a favorite feature in the Summer 16 release has been pretty difficult, there are so many amazing enhancements.  When it comes down to it, I would have to say the ability to modify the Home Page and assign different home pages based on user profile is my favorite.  You might be thinking it sounds like a small feature, but I use the home page to hold the information I need users to see and to give them a central location in Salesforce to view an overview of what’s going on in the org, customized per team.  For Sales/Marketing/Service, I have Admin Updates – a list of new changes w/ links to release notes, Reminders with dates/times of upcoming trainings or company events, list views of past due opps, etc.  For my home page layout, I have a Visualforce section w/ org test coverage stats, a list view of my internal cases, users not logging in, etc.  The home page is the first thing users see when they login, and now in Lightning, the home page can now show relevant information for team, in a place I know they will view every day.



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Benjamin BolopueBenjamin

While there’s SO much coming in the Summer ’16 release, the real game changer for me will be the ability to export report data from Lightning Reports. So far I’ve kept all my Users strictly using Classic largely due to this limitation. THANK YOU SALESFORCE for listening to the Community and making sure this feature was added in such short order!

Adam Olshansky’s Blog: Release Recap
SFDC Relase Notes
It’s also good to periodically check out SFDC’s release specific Known Issues listing.
The Summer ’16 Release Preview On-Demand Webinar

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KylaKyla Longe

I’m pretty excited about the Service Cloud features we’ll get in the new licensing strategy, like Live Agent and Knowledge. We were considering paying for (and had added line items to the budget) for these features and suddenly they were free for us! Similarly, the Partial Sandbox is going to ease a lot of issues we have in our sandbox staging. Now that the data in our initial development is real, some of the issues we experience by the time we are in our testing/staging environment will completely go away!

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Success Community:

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Summer ’16: My Favorites

Okay, so we’ve talked about 5 of the cool Ideas that Salesforce is bringing to life this release and while those are some awesome updates I have a few more favorites!  Here are my 5 favorite updates in this release.

#1 – Opportunity and Account Teams in Lightning (Account & Opportunity Team Notes)

Reps can manage their Account and Opportunity Teams in Lightning now, one less reason to switch back and forth between Lightning and Classic.  I love that Salesforce is enhancing Lightning with each release.  Each of these enhancements makes me more  and more excited about Lightning.

#2 – User Switcher (Notes)

For those of us that work in multiple orgs this is fantastic!  This is huge for me personally; I work in client orgs, my company org and my Developer org so this will really cut down on open tabs and switching between screens.  Yay!!!

#3 – Responsive Lists in Service Console (Notes)

In the Service Console we can Enable Responsive Lists now, this means that when a user hover over the link to a record in Salesforce our users will see a preview of the record without having to open the record.  This will make our list views so much more useful and will save our users time.  Man, I really wish this had been released in time for my last Service Cloud implementation!responsive_list_hover

#4 – Share Notes with specific Users or Groups (Notes)

We can share notes with specific users or Groups now!  In the past any notes were either Public or Private but starting this summer we can share notes with an individual user or a group of users.  This will allow users to be in more control of who sees specific information about a record in the Notes object.


#5 – Picklist Administration (Notes)

There is so much awesome-ness in this section of the Release Notes!  Global picklists, tracking global picklists, restricted picklists, organizing restricted picklists, and removing old picklist values from records through setup.  Picklists are great because they give your users limited options, decrease dirty data and help with reporting but there have always been some administrative headaches with them.  

  • Updating picklist values and eliminating outdated options has always been difficult because of the limited options but now we can select a value to replace the old value with, replace the value with a blank, or keep the old value.  Because
  • We had to be careful updating or importing picklist values through the API because data outside of the picklist options could be inserted in that field by mistake or oversight, leading to dirty and inaccurate data.  With restricted picklists this is no longer an issue!

Next week we’re going to hear from some truly awesome community members about what they’re looking forward to most in the Summer ‘16 Release.  I can’t wait!  

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Visit Saasy5 on Pinterest, each blog will have a board with pins to the resources used to write the blog.  Here’s this week’s board.  Since the Salesforce world is HUGE let me know if I missed something that should have been pinned and I’d be happy to pin it.

Summer ’16: Your Ideas Coming True!

In the Saasy5 My Salesforce Favorites series I mentioned the Idea Exchange in my post on the Community and this is why I like it so much!  Every user can submit ideas on the Idea Exchange of features and/or updates that user would like to see Salesforce release.  Then each release Salesforce executes and makes our Salesforce dreams (I mean Ideas….no I mean dreams) come true in the You Asked For It section of the Release Notes.

202_contacts_to_multiple_accounts#1 We can associate contacts with multiple accounts! (notes)

This might not seem like a big deal but it has been in my experience, now we can associate a contact with multiple accounts.  This was sort of solved by Contact Roles but not really.  So here’s the use case,  I have a contact named John Smith who owns Company A and Company B  the two companies are completely separate businesses, now his Contact record can be associated with both!

#2 Mobile updates! (change owner and update account teams)

We can now change Record Owners and maintain Account Teams on our mobile devices!  In an increasingly mobile world, this is just one more way Salesforce is working to make sure that their users can be as productive on their mobile devices as they are on a computer.

continue_criteria#3 Process Builder can perform multiple actions! (notes)

This one is cool!  Right now the Process Builder only allows us to execute each action based on the criteria for that action.  Basically we could only evaluate if the record met X criteria then the associated action(s) would be completed.  The record would not be evaluated against the next set of criteria.  Now we can say if the record meets X criteria complete the action(s) and then evaluate the same record against the next criteria.  This is so powerful!!

Here’s a whole blog about how powerful this new feature is by David Litton!

#4 Lightning Homepage based on User Profile (notes)

By allowing us to set up Lightning Homepages based on a User’s Profile we can make sure that our Users are seeing the data and layout that we want them to land on when they first login.  This will help Lightning adoption tremendously!!

#5 Export reports and files from Lightning (notes)

This doesn’t seem like a huge thing but to a User who is used to exporting their reports in Classic this was a huge deterrent from completely adopting Lightning.  From a change management perspective, an Administrator or consultant will want to make sure that their super users aren’t moving back and forth between Lightning and Classic.  Every time a user goes back to what is comfortable because the new feature doesn’t offer a specific capability it detracts from a successful change.  This is just one more way Salesforce is working to make sure their users have a full Lightning Experience and don’t look back to Classic.

Happy Summer ‘16 Release!  Next week we’ll look at Saasy5’s favorite release updates and features!  Check out the Saasy5 Pinterest board for more Summer ’16 Release information.

Visit Saasy5 on Pinterest, each blog will have a board with pins to the resources used to write the blog.  Here’s this week’s board.  Since the Salesforce world is HUGE let me know if I missed something that should have been pinned and I’d be happy to pin it.

Release Readiness Resources

Three times a year Salesforce releases new features and updates so it’s important to keep up.  Every release I find myself overwhelmed by the quantity of resources from Salesforce and the community about the upcoming release.  Frankly, it’s too much information to handle and process.  These are a few of the resources I’m focusing on this release.

#1 Readiness Webinars

There are several webinars hosted by Salesforce to help prepare users, admins, and developers for the awesomeness they are about to release.  These webinars are worth the time to attend.

#2 Release Notes

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a huge fan of reading hundreds of pages of material but the Summer ‘16 Release Notes are really the best place to get all the release information in a complete and accurate form.  Downside is it’s a lot to get through, especially if there are parts of Salesforce that your instance doesn’t currently use.

#3 Blog

In case you haven’t found the time to read all of the release notes, or maybe you want a quick overview before reading through the notes.  Jennifer Lee has an amazing blog that walks through some key highlights of the release.   I love it!  Thank you Jennifer for the time and effort you’ve invested in this blog series.

#4 Release Readiness Success Community

Umm….only the best place to keep up with the release conversation.   In the Release Readiness Success Community you’ll find information on key dates, documentation, and posts from people like you!

#5 Trailhead

So there’s not a Trailhead module for Summer ‘16 yet but I’m hoping the amazing team over there will keep the tradition alive since the Spring ‘16 Module was so amazing.  Until it’s published, I’ll be here, holding my breath.

Happy reading and studying up on Summer ‘16, Salesforce has some exciting things coming for us.  Next week I’ll touch on just a few of the Ideas that are part of the Summer ‘16 release AKA our dreams coming true in the form of Salesforce features and updates.

Stay tuned for the Summer ‘16 release pinterest board on the Saasy5 Pinterest page.