Dreamforce, the Best Week of the Year!

So, we’re in week 4 of Saasy5’s favorite Salesforce Things series and its Dreamforce!!!

You might be thinking it’s a little early in the year to start getting excited about Dreamforce, wait, NO!  It’s never too early in the year to get psyched about Dreamforce.  In all seriousness though, it is the right time to start talking to your employer about it.  This gives you time to build a case for why you NEED to be there, because you need to be there.  It gives you time to make a plan and budget to present to your company for approval.  The sooner you start preparing yourself and your employer for your trip to Dreamforce the more you’ll be able to get out of the party, I mean conference.

#1 Sessions

There are so many of them to choose from.  If this will be your first time at Dreamforce I suggest picking one of the product or role tracks and attending as many sessions as possible on that track.  This will help you know what to register for because there are thousands of session options which can be  a little overwhelming. Two more quick tips – start researching sessions as soon as they are posted and register for sessions as quickly as possible, they will fill up fast.  

#2 Keynotes

This is where Marc and the team will announce new products and changes to Salesforce.  You’ll also hear from large business owners about their experiences with Salesforce.  There is usually a surprise musical guest and of course some other ridiculousness from the team.  Keynotes are great!  Go!  Don’t get too stressed about getting in early and getting a good seat (unless you want to or you’re a huge fan of one of the guests) because many of the keynotes will be broadcast in other places around Dreamforce.  My personal favorite is to find a bean bag in Dream Park and enjoy some sunshine with the keynote!

Dream Park

#3 The Zones

Are you an Admin? A developer? A partner?  There is a zone for you!  The various zones are full of resources, swag, games/challenges, and content.  I recommend attending a session in a zone that interests you and then planning to spend an hour or so walking through it to participate in games and get to know some of the experts and Salesforce employees in the area.

#4 Your Network

Dreamforce is your opportunity to meet clients and potential vendors for your company.  But, for me, the real benefit of Dreamforce is the ability to build your own network.  I make sure to take the time to connect with the people around me throughout the conference.  I’m uncomfortable striking up conversations with strangers but at Dreamforce it’s so important to suck it up and meet new people.  The nice thing about Dreamforce is everyone there will have an answer to a few questions to start a conversation.

  1. How do you use Salesforce?  For how long?
  2. How did you get started with Salesforce? – This is a personal favorite of mine because the stories here are just so great!

The first year I went to Dreamforce I was so nervous to talk to people because I didn’t know much about Salesforce but I quickly found out that there are as many newbies at Dreamforce as there are experts so I was in good company!  I also made the mistake of not mastering my “elevator pitch”  before the conference and fumbling through it in front of some pretty influential people.  Master that “elevator pitch” before Dreamforce, you never know who you will meet.

#5 Parties

Yes, there are lots of them.  Salesforce will sponsor some parties but so will partners and apps.  You will have plenty to do every night after the sessions end.  There is no shortage of food or drink so load up on coffee and if you get the chance to take a 30 minute break midday do it.

Dreamforce Gala

Yes, you will learn more than can fit in your brain, meet so many new people, but really, if you’re a Salesforce addict like me, you’ll have the most fun ever.  An old manager of mine said “Salesforce knows how to throw a party, Dreamforce is legit!”, he’s right.  As always, there’s more information on the Saasy5 pinterest board.

Visit Saasy5 on Pinterest, each week I’ll have a board with pins to the resources I used to write the blog.  Here’s this week’s board. Since the Salesforce world is HUGE let me know if I missed something that should have been pinned and I’d be happy to pin it.

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