Blazing the Trail!

We’re halfway through our little series!  This week is all about blazing a trail and leaning Salesforce for the fun of it.  The Trailhead team at Salesforce has done a phenomenal job (and it gets better all the time) of creating Trails, Modules, and Projects to teach business users, admins, and developers all things Salesforce.  Trailhead is a huge resource for me as I’m learning to code.  I love the whole idea and here’s why….

#1 Customize Your Training

Trailhead users can customize their learning to meet their needs.  Not only can Trailhead users select the way they use Salesforce by selecting Business User, Admin or Developer; they can also select from a list of Products and Tags to learn.  These filters limit the Modules, Trails or Projects that a user sees so they they are only concerned with what is important to them.

Customize Filters

#2 Trails

Trails are guided training set up by Salesforce, they walk users through a set of Modules so that their learning progresses in a logical way.  Some of the developer trails have been HUGE for me learning code.  It’s nice that the Trailhead team has taken the time to think about how people new to a particular role or Salesforce should learn and created free training for us.


#3 Projects

I use Projects to test the skills I have learned with Trail.  Projects are great because they combine several Salesforce skills to reach an end goal, kind of like projects in the real world! The neat thing about Projects is that they have step by step guided instructions for users while Trails have more background information.


#4 It Feels Like Playing a Game

+500 PointsSo, the best part is that while users are learning they are earning points and badges that they can display in the Developer Community or Success Community for bragging rights.  Trailhead feels more like playing a game then it does training.  On top of that, sometimes Salesforce will have challenges that earn users swag.  And who doesn’t like swag!?


TIP: Work on Trailhead using login for developer org we talked about in the Communities blog so your badges and points on the same user you’re using in the community.  

#5 How Salesforce Does Business

There are several Modules and Trails centered around how Salesforce does business, which is awesome because why wouldn’t we want to know how a company like Salesforce is run.  They’re obviously doing something right and after completing those modules I can see why!  Thanks for the insider information Trailhead Team!


All of Trailhead is equally as awesome I wasn’t going to call out any particular one but I changed my mind half way through this post. (Drum roll please….) Cultivate Equality at Work!  Here
the Trailhead team took it up a notch, they stuck their necks out in the business world and said that all people are equal and should be treated that way no matter what makes them unique.  Then they give us a few ideas about how to accomplish that in our own workplaces.  This Trail is one that anyone at any level of any business using any platform should take the time (it’s not much time) to complete.  I think we will all learn a few things!  I know I did.  More than anything I’m mindful of the times when I am could do better in this area of my life which is a large part of the path to improvement.

Check out some of my favorite modules, trails, and projects along with other blogs and articles on Trailhead on the Saasy5 Trailhead board!

Visit Saasy5 on Pinterest, each week I’ll have a board with pins to the resources I used to write the blog.  Here’s this week’s board. Since the Salesforce world is HUGE let me know if I missed something that should have been pinned and I’d be happy to pin it.

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