The Power of Clicks!

As you know we’re in the second week of my favorite Salesforce things series. This week we’re focusing on my love of all the things we can do without code!  

I’ve been learning to code the past few months but I haven’t always been so open to learning this skill.  I spent the first 5 years of my Salesforce life terrified of writing a line of code because I somehow thought I might break the whole thing if I got something wrong.  Or maybe I felt like it was a foreign language that was just too advanced for my brain.  Well, I’ve found that neither is really the case and slowly but surely I’m learning to code.

Anyway, I fell in love with Salesforce because I could do so much without knowing one thing about queries and loops.  With Salesforce I had the power to help my teammates and one day customers without code! (More on this in 3 weeks)

#1 Process Automation


Process Builder that creates Project Milestones based on the Project Type selected at creation.

Salesforce give us so many tools to automate processes; Workflows, Approvals, Visual Flows and Process Builder.  These tools give admins the power of a developer to create records, update fields, or send/post notifications based on a set of criteria. With these tools admins are able to automate standard processes to save their users time and make sure that organizational processes are followed correctly.

#2 Formulas and Validation Rules

Thanks to formulas and validation rules it’s a little easier for system admins to maintain clean data.  

  • Formulas help us make sure that standard data manipulation is done correctly and automatically.  
  • Validation Rules help admins insure that users are updating records to meet data standards for the organization.  

I think it’s pretty sweet that that I can help ensure data quality with the use of these tools!  It’s even better that I can set it up once and leave it until the business criteria change, which should be rare.

#3 Page Layouts and Record Types

Page layouts and record types are a bit boring but so freakin’ powerful to the savvy admin.  With page layouts and record types admins can make sure that their users have the best user experience for their job role or they can use them to change the available information based on the type of record.  Let’s say I have a Sales Rep and a Customer Service Rep; I can set up two different Case page layouts based on each user’s specific needs so that their view is not cluttered with information.  I can take it one step further with Record Types; for example I can differentiate between Internal Cases and Customer Cases and have separate page layouts for each.Record Types

#4 Reports and Dashboards

Opportunity Pipeline by Stage and Amount

So your VP of Sales says they want to see the data on the Opportunity Pipeline that the Sales Team has been working on…this may sound like a daunting task no, it’s not.  If the time has been invested to enter data in Salesforce (this is what the Sales Team should be doing) and our admin has put some effort to ensure users are enter quality data (see #1 – #3 for a few options)  that report for your VP of Sales will take no time to make.  One of my favorite things to do in Salesforce is to help managers and business leaders see their business in a new and different way, one way I’m able to do this is with reports and dashboards.

#5 Apps

AppExchange-logo-with-apps-7System admins can build apps using button click techniques to give their users access to only what is appropriate for their job role. But wait it gets better, admins can also install apps the from the AppExchange!  These are apps that are developed by other companies or by Salesforce themselves.  Between the AppExchange and everything I mentioned above the creative admin can do most anything.

It was hard to keep this post to the point so I may just have to revisit each of these topics in their own blogs with examples(maybe 5 examples)!  Hmm…I may have just come up with the next Saasy5 series!  What are your favorite clicks not code features of Salesforce and why?

Make sure to check out the Saasy5 Pinterest boards for this post for more.  Get ready!  Next week is all about Trailhead!

Visit Saasy5 on Pinterest each week I’ll have a board with pins to the resources I used to write the blog.  Here’s this week’s board. The Salesforce world is HUGE so let me know if I missed something that should be pinned and I’d be happy to pin it.


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